Growth – Freedom – Sustainability.

Where wo we go with our economy and our society?

Growth compulsion means more stress for employees and companies, but also more pressure to calculate externalities and include them in our strategies - and therefore get more expensive (cf. ESG, environmental, social, governance). Regulation takes off. Where is entrepreneurial freedom and motivation left?

Hope and Fear.

How do we successfully survive in uncertain times?

Humans need hope to survive. Fear is ok, but only to the degree that it makes us think. If fear gets too strong, hope dies. Hope means the wish to have a better life. Can this happen if pessimism gets ever stronger?

The End of Consumption as we know it.

Will virtual consumption swallow real consumption?

Platforms and Cloud, Data and AI are radically changing consumption patterns. Blockchain based Metaverse Web3 frames the hype, that progressively the virtual world is dominating the real world. What kind of perspectives emerge out of that? Meaning what for brands, consumer, human beings?

Demographics, leadership, and employment in a changing business world

Work is losing its key value as a meaningful anchor in our lives. This will transform our economy and our society dramatically. What is the role of age and experience? What is the role of start ups and young entrepreneurs?

Entangled Life: 
Health, Food, and Sustainability in the networked world

Our body body isn't an isolated object, but insolubly intertwined and connected with everything else, with other human bodies, animals, plants and the environment. We're all viruses, bacteria and fungi and equal partners in a continuum. We are learning to see the world in a new light - through the eyes of a virus, a cow, or a tree . . .  

The tech disruption hype: 
Hallucinations and illusions. What really changes, and what you better ignore

The digital economy has been transformed into an imaginary world full of framed and accidential narratives. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or dogecoin. EVs like Tesla. Metaverse and NFTs. How can we deal with craziness in a reasonable way without making stupid mistakes? A survival guide instead of a speculative guide

Soft Power - Smart Power - Hard Power

Europe is above all Soft Power: Lifestyle with great urban spaces, phantastic museums, shopping, brands, football, and all guaranteed in freedom and with democratic institutions. But the U.S. and China are basically Smart Power: Artificial Intelligence, Platforms, Persuasion with Social Media. And Russia is teaching us that Hard Power - military enforcement - is coming back into the world of generous lifestyles. What does that mean for our economy and society?