David is one of the smartest man I know. But what makes him even more interesting, is that his brain power is jump started by his sense of humor.  He believes in edutainment and he gets his audiences to both shake and nod their heads……”


Paco Underhill, Gobal bestselling Author (Why we buy, The Science of Shopping; The Call of the Mall, How we shop; What Women want, The Science of Female Shopping), Speaker, Advisor, Entrepreneur and founder Envirosell (US, China, Japan, South Korea)

"Deine geistreichen Wortmeldungen finde ich immer wieder interessant.
Das Interview von Dir im Migros-Magazin habe ich mit grossem Genuss gelesen."

Ernst Fehr, Professor of Economics, Director of the UBS Center for Economics in Society, 

University of Zurich. Seit vielen Jahren einflussreichster Oekonom in D-A-CH


David is a brilliant thinker and future forecaster. While other analysts and consultants think more narrowly in terms of defined “markets” and “industry trends” – and can only “see” a future based on the past and the now – he has the powerful intellect and wide-ranging knowledge that can actually envision the needs and desires that will define human mindsets and the big consumer forces that will cross and remake industries. 
We’ve been fortunate to have him as a keynote speaker at our Global Wellness Summits and to have collaborated with him on a major research project on what “wellness” will look like in 2030. At the time, the predictions seemed provocative and unfamiliar, and of course now, it’s all coming to pass. Quite simply, David sees differently and more profoundly; he has an equally creative and informed vision; and it’s one rare gift and of incredible value to businesses and organizations.”


Susie Ellis, Chair and CEO, The Global Wellness Institute and Global Wellness Summit, Miami and Los Angeles


David Bosshart proved that business needn't be the enemy of culture, and that activism needn't stand in the way of prosperity. With David's guidance, we all got to experience ourselves being on the same team.

An invitation to a dinner with David could mean sitting next to a Head of State, an escaped Eastern European dissident, or a human cyborg.  Or all three!  But a private sit-down with David is the greatest joy - and challenge - for anyone who cares about the state of the world, the human project, or the future of, well, pretty much anything.

GDI has been defined by funny David, brilliant David, father David, and impish David, since I've known it. David has certainly left the Institute in a much better place than when he found it, and I wouldn't be surprised to see and feel his influence there for decades to come. GDI has grown into beloved center of intellectual activity where even businesspeople become clever and altruistic.”

Douglas Rushkoff, Professor of Media Theory and Digital Economics, City University New York, One of the world's most influential thinker; Global bestselling author, Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age; Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now; Media Virus: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture; Get Back in the Box: Innovation from the Inside Out


David Bosshart brings together the most critical skills required to transform business today: He is inquisitive:  He is always working to understand what will next impact society, culture and retail.  He is collaborative: He brings together people across disciplines to inspire, build ideas and solve problems.  Any time spent with David -- be it a conference or a dinner - is an occasion that makes you feel smarter (and more joyful)”.

Wendy Liebmann, CEO and Chief Shopper, WSL Strategic Retail, New York


“David and I have collaborated for more than two decades – and that is the word that describes David best – he is a collaborator.  We have worked together building small thoughts into bigger profitable programs, but equally helpful is when David gives you the head shake that signals "no this idea is not so good."  I have relied on David for his keen awareness of emerging global trends, and the implications of these trends for society and retail.”  

Candace Corlett, President, WSL Strategic Retail, New York


“David Bosshart is an influencer, a CEO whisperer, a step changer.
His thoughts are game changing. His vision is wide and profound. He is one of the best observers and listeners of our time. He understands the dynamics of society, politics and business – he sees the fault lines and predicts tectonic shifts. David combines deep insight with sharp business acumen. His cool, calm and collected mind inspires leaders to dare, to stay relevant and to embrace the future from a new perspective.
As coach of entrepreneurs and owner/chairwoman of a family business, I am deeply grateful to David for his extraordinary ability to connect the dots.
Mariann Wenckheim, Co-Owner Ottakringer Getränke AG and Coach of CEOs and Entrepreneurs, 
Vienna and London

„Sehr schätze ich an David Bosshart, wie er die aktuellen Veränderungen der Werte und Verhalten von Menschen aufmerksam beobachtet und beschreibt. Die sich daraus ableitenden Auswirkungen auf die Wirtschaft und den Handel zeigt er schlüssig und anschaulich auf. Für mich waren die damit erkennbaren Entwicklungsperspektiven stets eine Inspiration für die Weiterentwicklung von dm.“
Christoph Werner, CEO dm Drogeriemarkt, Europas grösstes Drogeriemarkt Unternehmen


«Die Vorträge von David Bosshart sind Inspiration und Herausforderung zugleich. Er bringt die großen Entwicklungslinien in der Gesellschaft sowie die Veränderungen im Konsumverhalten verständnisvoll zusammen. Ihn zeichnet speziell aus, die übergeordnete Ebene mit praktischer Handlungsrelevanz zu verbinden. Damit sind seine Vorträge nicht nur spannend zuzuhören, sondern regen auch im Nachgang noch zum Denken an.»


Sebastian Bayer, Geschäftsführung dm Drogeriemarkt


David Bosshart ist ein Vordenker und messerscharfer Analyst.
Für alle Fragen rund um das Thema Handel und Konsum liefert er als weltweit vernetzter Experte entscheidende Erkenntnisse und Denkanstöße und ist ein exzellenter Impulsgeber mit Blick auf die zentralen Zukunftsfragen unserer Zeit.“

Simone Krah, Präsidentin (geschäftsführend), MMM-Club e.V., renommiertester Club für den Mittelstand in Handel und Industrie in D-A-CH